Why are we building Ethos.

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The mission at Ethos is to build tools and integrations that empower users to avoid repetitive tasks and duplicative work.  Unnecessarily repetitive work can drain the life out of employees and slow businesses down.  Ethos is combining Google Chrome with commonly used tech products to allow users to update many different softwares at the same time.


Problem we’re addressing:

“Workers spend 9% of their year switching between screens and reorienting themselves as they switch.” - Harvard Business Review


Vertical SaaS solutions have brought all of us plenty of efficiency gains but the blessing has also become the curse.  Switching back and forth between apps and windows is draining productivity and causing major distractions.


How Ethos solves this challenge:


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Our goal at Ethos is to eliminate distractions and app switching through the Chrome extension so users can update many systems at the exact same time.


Let’s simplify our lives and do things once with Ethos.